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about Premisien

Our team, at Premisien Credit Counseling is very passionate about providing individuals and businesses with the best options for future success.  Consistently Premisien Credit Counseling provides exceptional credit service and education, a clear concise plan, and honest feedback with our clients’ best interest in mind.  Our goal is to help clients reach success and a brighter future.

3002 Cecil B. Moore Avenue | Philadelphia, PA 19121

01. our culture

We work with passion, consistency, & integrity. Let's have fun along the way.

02. our vision

Provide exceptional credit service and education, a clear concise plan, and honest feedback with our clients’ best interest in mind.

03. Our mission

Help clients reach success and a brighter future. With a focus on the underserved communities, we will strive to help all.

04. our process

Each credit report is unique to the individual, so in order for us to know whether we can help you or not, our credit specialists first need to see a current copy of your credit reports and scores.

150 clients annually
213 average increase
87 Average PAYDEX Score
510 average starting score


Business credit has the power to help firms expand their operations and grow their prosperity, yet is an asset that often goes unrecognized and undervalued due to lack of knowledge. Owners who take the necessary steps to establish their company, can limit personal liability and damage to personal credit, while making it more likely to be approved for business credit cards, leases, financing, and partnerships.

A high Paydex score can get 10x—100x more resources than a FICO score!
  • Business Establishment

    We help you register and legitimize your business so you are more appealing to creditors.

  • Vendor Credit

    We help you establish 5 vendor accounts that report to the business credit bureaus.

  • Merchant Credit

    We help you apply for 5 merchant accounts that give you access to the things you need to run your business.

  • Major Loans

    We help you get access to the bank loans, private loans and major credit that your business can use to grow.

Personal Credit Repair

We will evaluate what can be done to improve and change the information on your credit profile that is reducing your credit scores. Even the smallest changes can make the difference when buying a car, house, or getting a loan. We have worked with clients who have gone through bankruptcy and those with only one delinquency.

Personal Credit

As you can see by this chart, a low credit score directly increases the size of your monthly payments. With good credit, your mortgage, auto or loan payments can be cut in half!

Step 1 Check

When you sign up, we instantly pull your credit reports. We organize it in a way that helps you identify items you want to challenge or change.

Step 2 Challenge

This is where it is so critical to have the experts on your side. We interact directly with the credit companies and help them to meet their obligations as applicable to your particular situation and plan.

Step 3 Change

We communicate with the credit bureaus to confirm that the appropriate changes have actually occurred.

Premisien Credit Counseling

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Contact us to receive a free consultation today. Once we gather the necessary information and analyze your personal and/or business credit profile, if it becomes clear that our services will not deliver success, we will immediately advise you of such.